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 HU Bang-sheng,JIANG Lian-xiang,DAI Ze-ping.Advances in research on the role of Orexin system in pain modulation[J].,2019,39(12):1262-1265.[doi:10.3969/j.issn.1001-5779.2019.12.019]





Advances in research on the role of Orexin system in pain modulation
皖南医学院 1.2018级硕士研究生; 2.第一附属医院麻醉科,安徽 芜湖 241000
HU Bang-sheng1 JIANG Lian-xiang2 DAI Ze-ping2
Wannan Medical College 1.Postgraduate student, Grade 2018; 2.Department of Anesthesiology, the First Affiliated Hospital, Wuhu, Anhui 241000
食欲素 疼痛 抗伤害
Orexin Pain Antinociception
:Orexin is an excitatory neuropeptide secreted by hypothalamic neurons and is divided into two molecular subtypes, OrexinA and OrexinB. With the research on Orexin, its physiological functions are gradually revealed, from the initial promotion of appetite, energy balance, sleep awakening cycle to regulation of learning and memory, cardiovascular system and drug addiction. In recent years, studies have found that Orexin and its receptors play a key role in pain modulation. To understand and study the modulation of Orexin system in different types of pain, it provides a new target for clinical treatment of various acute and chronic pain and the development of new analgesic drugs.


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